Baby Bach ribs

February 22, 2016 at 7:19 am

No BBQ here. Just a really stupid joke.

All the Bach children were musical, and probably not by choice. Most musicians agree that Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was the best composer among them. After all, when Mozart said “Bach is the father, and we are his children,” he was not referring to J.S., but C.P.E.

C.P.E.’s music is a perfect midpoint between the Baroque and Classical musical eras, combining the ornateness and richness of the baroque with the transparency and grace of the classic. This isn’t the heavy, confusing sound of his father’s late compositions, nor is it the mindless, simple noodling of Scarlatti.

Shortly after graduating with a degree in law (like any good musician does), he was appointed a musical post in the court of Frederick the Great, who was known as a great patron of the arts, and was himself a flutist. It’s easy to imagine this flute concerto being performed by Frederick, with C.P.E. conducting and playing the keyboard, as is portrayed in this painting.




Winter is here!

December 22, 2015 at 11:00 am

Winter is here! There’s nothing like waking up, breathing crisp, fresh air, and seeing a field of diamonds out your window.

Antonio Vivaldi wrote 500 concertos, though musicians will say that he actually wrote the same concerto 500 times. Joking aside, it’s beautiful music, and paints an icy musical picture of the cold and stormy weather.