About FAoL

The Fine Art of Listening promotes an understanding and appreciation of art music
through short blog posts and listening examples.


Take just a few minutes, every day, every couple of days, or whatever. Pull up a comfortable chair, grab a cup of tea or coffee, close your eyes and indulge your ears in the magnificent world of art music. It is a deep well that never runs dry; time after time, you will find it more and more refreshing – and everyone on the planet deserves to drink! Maybe you need a few minutes a day to center yourself; maybe you want to extend your knowledge of music; whatever the reason, FAoL is a daily dose of the finest art that humanity has produced.

Sharing my posts will show the world that you are musically enlightened (results not guaranteed), and helps to ensure that art music will continue to have an audience.

Your financial donations are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening!



About Me – an Average, Normal Dude

I’m Erik. I’m not anything spectacular. I’m a professional musician, living in Philadelphia, with my wife and kids.

I have two music degrees from the Peabody Institute of Music of the Johns Hopkins University (don’t be intimidated by the long name. It probably looks like your school, except for the ridiculous number of pianos around.)


I’m a conductor, composer, arranger, organist, pianist, accordionist, trombonist, and a terrible violinist. I’d like to learn the bagpipes and theremin.

I started this blog because Art Music is my life! It is something I feel compelled to share with the world, especially as it is mostly ignored by the consumer-driven mentality that pervades our culture.

The appreciation of Art Music has nothing to do with class, education, or race. Anyone’s ears can become enlightened, and everyone’s ears should.