Winter’s Journey

January 5, 2016 at 11:00 am

For many people, this is a difficult month. The holidays are over, the parties have ended, and all of a sudden, we are left alone with a long, cold winter ahead of us.

People who are immune from these feelings often dislike Franz Schubert‘s great song cycle, Winterreise. To me, it brings great comfort, even validation, that others also struggle during this time of the year; we aren’t alone, and Spring will come again. I play it every year during the winter; and if you also suffer during the Winter, I hope it will bring you some peace, knowing another of the many marvelous and beautiful things that humans have created.

I came as a stranger, I leave as a stranger.
May, with its beautiful flowers, was wonderful.
She and I spoke of love, even of marriage.
But now the world is dead and bare, and the path is covered with snow.

Though not my choice, I must leave now,
and struggle to find my way in the dark.
The shadow of the moon is my only companion,
as I make my way through the cold white fields.

It’s better to leave now on my own accord, rather than be driven out later.
Let the dogs howl at me.
God has made Love fickle – she loves to wander from one to the next.
Good night, my love!

I won’t wake you; continue in your dreams.
You won’t hear a noise from me as I leave.
As I leave, I’ll write “Good Night” on the gate,
So you’ll know I continue to think of you.